Transforming your home with ceramic & porcelain

Both ceramic & porcelain tile offer plenty of options for variety in your flooring choices. From stark good looks to excellent performance and lifespan, you’ll find these floor easily fit your lifestyle. What’s more important, however, is how well they fit your current list of flooring requirements. These materials offer so much, you’re probably going to be able to meet all your needs and preferences with ease. At the same time, you’ll find affordable options for any budget and qualified flooring professionals that make all your flooring dreams come true.

At Roman Floors & Remodeling, we serve the areas of Detroit, Dearborn, Redford, Southfield, and Farmington, all from our showroom in Redford Charter Township, MI. For more than 11 years, we have offered excellent flooring products and services, with a knowledgeable staff that always places the needs and desires of our customers in the first place. Come on by and see us today to find out how we can be of assistance to you. We’d love to hear about all your specifications for flooring, and how we can help be a part of finding the perfect floor coverings for your home.

Ceramic & porcelain benefits

Ceramic & porcelain make an excellent flooring material for any space in your home that might take on moisture, humidity, spills, or any other water situations. For this reason, it’s often placed in bathrooms, foyers, laundry rooms, and kitchens. However, it’s just as easily installed throughout your home for the same reason. In fact, spills can happen anywhere, especially if you have pets, children, or frequent house guests. Why not be as protected in the living room as you are in the bathroom? When it comes to appearances, with ceramic & porcelain, you can have just about any look you want. Starting with something simple and neutral in color, you can move to the opposite end as well, with highly artistic designs, shapes, and even mosaics made from any shape or size tile you prefer. With options this diverse, you’ll easily find a match for even the most unique decor out there. For durability, it’s hard to find a better flooring material. Rated as a very hard and dense material, thanks to firing in a very hot kiln, these floors stand up well under heavy traffic and many signs of wear and tear won’t show up for decades to come. In the meantime, you’ll also be protected from scratches, scuffs, and fading as well. Most importantly, be sure you ask about the importance of a professional flooring installation with ceramic & porcelain.

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