Switching things up with hardwood

Hardwood floors bring a warm and sophisticated elegance into your home. It continues to offer an abundance of sleek style and benefits for the entirety of its lifespan. In fact, lifespan is another of the reasons homeowners choose this particular material, as it has one of the longest lifespans in the flooring market. If you intend to keep up with current interior decor trends, this material is a good way to do that. Every year, solid wood always trends as a leader for many homeowners across the country. It also adds great value to your home, whether you keep it or sell it at some point.

Roman Floors & Remodeling has spent more than 11 years making sure our customers are completely satisfied with the floor experience they receive from our experienced and highly qualified staff members. From the moment you walk into our showroom in Redford Charter Township, MI, you’ll know that we are serious about the integrity of the service you receive. You’ll also get to choose from a variety of flooring material selections at prices that fit any budget, while a team of professional installers will bring your flooring to gorgeous completion. We serve the communities of Detroit, Dearborn, Redford, Southfield, and Farmington, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you as well.

Hardwood is an easy choice

There are so many options to choose from, that hardwood flooring can easily be personalized to any decor style. You’ll start by choosing the perfect species, which is primarily determined by the amount of durability you’ll need in your flooring. Rooms with heavy foot traffic need a species that’s harder so it can handle the amount of wear and tear inflicted. On the other hand, rooms with less traffic can make use of a softer wood species.

Stain colors also come in a variety of hues, with a wider variety being available if you opt for site finished flooring. Prefinished materials already come with stain applied, so you have fewer options in stain color, but a much quicker install. Discussing this option with your flooring specialist will help you decide exactly which option is best for your needs and preferences.

Finally, you can finish off your own unique look with the perfect finish type. While the high-gloss finish is a great idea for many homes, there are other finishes available. Hand scraped or distressed, for instance, are viable options for any area and can even help to alleviate signs of wear and aging.

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