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What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?

Carpet Traffic Estimator:

‚ÄčWhat Grade of Carpet Should You Select? 

Here's a simple test you can take to help determine your level of Carpet Foot-Traffic. You can't choose new carpet wisely unless you select a carpet that is capable of withstanding your level of foot traffic. 

We found a simple test you can take to help you determine your level of foot traffic based on several variables. After you are finished you can continue on to see which Carpet Fiber and specifications will best suit your budget based on how long you want your new carpet to last.

Start Here:
To determine your Carpet Foot Traffic Score, consider the following questions carefully and add up your points on a separate piece of paper:

How many adults live in your home?   
Each adult               (add 5 points for each adult)
Do you have children, teenagers or pets?   
Each Child          (add 4 points for each child)   
Each Teenager          (add 6 points for each teen)   
Each Small pet       (add 3 points per indoor pet)   
Each large pet           (add 6 points per indoor pet)
Do you entertain or have grandchildren?   
Entertain seldom                     (add 2 points)   
Entertain often                        (add 6 points)   
Grandchildren seldom            (add 2 points)   
Grandchildren often                (add 4 points)
How often do you vacuum? (be honest)   
Never                                            ( add 15 points)   
Once or twice a week                 (add 7 points)   
Three or four times a week      (add 5 points)   
Five or six times a week            (add 3 points)   
Everyday                                       (add 1 points)
How often do you have your carpets professionally cleaned?   
Once a year                            (add 2 points)   
Every other year                   (add 0 points)   
Every third year                    (add 4 points)   
Never                                       (add 12 points)
How big is your home?   
1000 square feet           (add 8 points)   
1500 sf.                            (add 6 points)   
2000 sf.                            (add 4 points)   
2500+ sf.                         (add 2 points)   

Now Add Up all your points and click on the appropriate traffic level below to go on to the next part of the Carpet Foot Traffic Test.       
10 to 24 points = Low traffic       
25 to 34 points = Medium traffic       
35 to 44 points = Moderate traffic       
45 and up =       Heavy traffic