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How to measure for Carpet in 4 simple steps Instructions: 
1. Find your room WIDTH (in feet) in the RED numbers.  
2. Find your room LENGTH (in feet) in the BLUE numbers.  
3. Discover the amount of Square Yards you need in the PURPLE numbers. 

How to Measure for Carpet 

Basic Carpet Measuring Tips & Tools

Measuring Your Carpet Needs:
Perhaps all you care about right now is how to measure your home for carpet yourself to get an idea about how much it might cost. Homeowners who try to measure carpet often do it wrong because they don't understand a few key aspects about carpet measuring. There are dozens of smart ways to save big money on new carpet; getting accurate measuring is just one way. We will be happy to show you ways to save money on new carpet. 

How to Measure for Carpet:
This is the question everyone wants to know. Logically, you may be thinking that if you can determine exactly how much carpet you need, then you can call us and get a basic idea about how much you would need to spend on new carpet, padding and installation. This will help greatly when you come into the store to view different styles and samples as you decide on what carpet is ideal for your home and budget. If you are able to (relatively) accurately measure for your carpeting needs, we will be able to give you a very good estimation on the cost of the job. Once you decide on what you want, we will come out and measure and provide you with an exact cost.

Measuring Yourself to Purchase Carpet:
Unless you are only doing one or two rooms, we suggest you should have a professional measure your home before you go out and buy carpet. You don't want to buy too much carpet and you certainly don't want to buy too little. If you want to know how to measure for carpet yourself, you are going to need more than just a tape measure and a calculator to be successful. You need to know the how's and why's of carpet installation.

Roman Floors and Remodeling has been installing carpet for over 25 years, and it takes years of practice to become accurate at measuring carpet. If you measure wrong you stand to lose hundreds or worse.  Even if you measure every room in your home perfectly, it doesn't mean that you have accurately measured you home for carpet. People tend to forget (or have trouble measuring Closets, Stairs, and Hallways due to the way carpet is pieced together as you transition from one room to another.

There are number critical factors that must be taken into consideration when measuring for carpet: 
1.    The direction of the nap (All connecting rooms need to lay down the same direction)
2.    Some carpets have a pattern match that must be figured in. (what is the pattern repeat?)
3.    Seams should be located in out of the way areas when possible.
4.    Limiting waste - You don't want to buy more carpet than you need. 
‚Äč5.    Check out this Room Yardage Chart - This is a helpful tool for helping you measure for carpet.