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Stop by our showroom located at 25353 W. 7 Mile Rd. and let us work together with you on your home improvement project!

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Our team of experienced, qualified, skilled flooring installers have been working with us for many years. Combine that with our great customer service, knowledgeable sales and support staff, great prices and you can feel confident doing business with Roman Floors & Remodeling!

We believe and understand all antiques are important to and have great sentimental value. So, when they’re looking a little sickly, our philosophy is to never let them perish. We work to revive—don’t replace—by breathing new life into worn down furniture pieces.

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring about our work done in your home..


Anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes, and damage to all types of wood furniture. Sometimes, a touch-up is all you need.



Matching or duplicating almost any finish, so you have many color options in most cases.  We’re also specialists in custom painted finishes, blending our own paints and stains.

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